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Quito Gloss and Flat Alkyd Enamel


Premium quality high gloss exterior and interior enamel based on synthetic resins


Quito High Gloss Alkyd Enamel is formulated to offer excellent decoration and protection to exterior as well as interior surfaces .
It offers excellent durability and resistance to weathering and fading


Remove all loose rust, millscale, oil, grease, etc... Hand tool cleaning is essential for all new steel followed by one coat of rust inhibitive metal primer.
Galvanized surfaces should either be weathered adequately or be primed with a suitable galvanized iron primer.

Previously painted surfaces should be cleaned well, preferably with hand tools or power tools. The resulting bare areas should be coated with a suitable rust inhibitive metal primer Wood surfaces should be primed with a suitable wood primer / undercoat before application of this topcoat


Stir paint well before use. The paint as supplied can be applied with brush, roller or airless spray.
The paint can be thinned with up to 20% by volume of mineral spirits. For conventional spray application, or airless spray thinned up to 30% by volume.

Colours Available ex-stock as shown in our color catalog. Shades other than those exhibited in the in the colour catalog can be matched and supplied
Drying Time Touch dry: 1-2 hours, Track free: 4-5 hours, Recoat: 8 hours
Finish Smooth and glossy
Solids by volume 44 ± 1%
Specific gravity 1.16
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 50 microns
Spreading rate per recommended DFT 9.m. per liter or 36 sq.m. per US Gallon
Flash point 42° Centigrade