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Quito Varnish


A fast dry exterior wood varnish with very good Chemical proportion, excellent water and alkali resistance: good durability and abrasion resistance.


An interior and exterior wood varnish designed to protect surfaces against exposure to direct sunlight, Salt, water and extreme temperatures.


Wood must be dry, free of dirt, grease, dust. wax. polish marks, etc... Seal bare wood, with Quito varnish thinned up to 10 % of mineral spirits. Allow to dry then apply one or two coats without thinning the varnish.


Use a clean, soft, fine bristle brush. Avoid excessive amount of strokes. Bubles and craters are caused by vigorous and prolonged brushing. For conventional spray thin material up to half liter per u.s. gallon of mineral spirits before application.

Stir well before use.


Colours Transparent clear or coloured
Drying Time Dust free dry : 2-4 hours, Recoat : 18-24 hours
Finish Gloss semi gloss- Flat
Solids by volume 47 % ± 2%
Specific gravity 0.92 kg/litre
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 50 microns
Spreading rate per recommended DFT 19.20m2/litre, 72.67m2/US gallon
Flash point 40° Centigrade
Cleaning of tools with while spirit