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Quito Undercoat


Superior quality undercoat for use over new wood. dry plaster and primed over which alkyd based or latex based topcoats can be applied.


New wood should be sanded , made free from dust, grease, soil , etc..., before application of one coat of Quito Undercoat. After drying, sand lightly and apply one or two coats of recommended enamel.
Over clean and dry plaster surfaces, after ensuring proper curing and freedom from moisture, apply one coat of Quito Undercoat followed by one or two coats of recommended enamel.
Over metal surfaces primed with metal primers, apply one coat followed by one or two coats of enamel.


Stir paint well before us. The paint can be supplied with brush, roller or airless spray. It can be thinned with up to 10% by volume of mineral spirits. For conventional spray application thinning can be done with up to 20%. Mineral spirit is ideal for cleaning tools equipment.

Colours Available in white, grey and cream. Can be tinted with universal stainers to pastel shades suitable for the topcoat shades
Drying Time Touch dry : 1-2 hours, Track free : 4-5 hours,Recoat : 12 hours
Finish Low angular sheen
Solids by volume 47 + 2%
Specific gravity 1.50
Recommended Dry Film Thickness 50 microns
Spreading rate per recommended DFT 10sq.m. per liter or 38 sq.m. per US Gallon
Flash point 40° Centigrade