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Hammertone Finish Paint


A multi-dimensional industrial protective coating, high solids gloss enamel pigmented with properly seleted permanent non leafing colour pigments and Aluminum. Highly resistant with pleasant appearance.


Fast air drying - hammertone finish - Hides substrates imperfections. Excellent for various surfaces such as wood, iron or steel etc...


Surface should be free from grease, oil, dirt or other foreign matter. The smoother the surface is me better hammertone finish we have.
No primer is needed - Use first coat as primer - Only aluminium and galvanized iron need wash primer green  based on potassium and phosphate.


Use conventional spray equipment.
Reduce up to 20% with thinner.
All tools must be cleaned  immediately with thinner.

Colours Standard colours
Drying Time 15 to 30 minutes
Coverage 30 to 35 Gallon